Behavior analysis platform through artificial intelligence;

Our own development platform Goli Neuronline applies eye-tracking, facial recognition of emotions, behavior analysis, counting statistics and customer classification through the analysis of images captured by cameras.

Thanks to our own algorithms and artificial intelligence engine (cognitive artificial intelligence), our Goli Neuronline tool analyzes the behavior of people who pass and remain in any area monitored by cameras.

Thanks to the application of artificial intelligence to image recognition, Goli Neuronline can do eye-tracking, facial recognition of emotions and identify and analyze behaviors in images captured by cameras in real time without the participant wearing any tool.

This platform, which was born as a complementary tool for our studies of consumer behavior with neuromarketing in retail, today is a line of business with application in the most diverse sectors.

Tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, trade fairs, tourism fairs and, of course, shopping areas and brands of the retail sector, are the sectors that most use our platform and to which we periodically issue a report with a behavior analysis of your customers. To the statistics of counting and classification (number of clients, age, sex …) we add where they look, their emotional expressions and what they do on the surfaces analyzed.

Goli neuronline is a tool for measuring customer satisfaction, but also for behavioral analysis, which provides an in-depth knowledge of the behavior, perception and motivation of the real customer.