We develop innovative technological tools which are based around two main principles:

Designing systems which allow us to measure parameters which we were previously not capable of, and improving existing systems to make them more precise, less invasive and more portable.

These objectives led us to design and manufacture devices such as GoliHelmet, our completely wireless NIRS helmet which has a high density of sensors and can be concealed perfectly under any hat, headscarf or other garment worn on the head. This helmet enables us to carry out field studies without the subject feeling uncomfortable or observed, in this way increasing the ecological validity of these studies.

GoliTouchsense is the first haptograph, a system designed to measure the tactile perception of the consumer with the textures of the products and their packagins.


Our Goli Neuronline system is a software which uses artificial intelligence to carry out eye-tracking and facial recognition of emotions using images captured by cameras, without requiring the subject to wear any kind of cumbersome device, yet still achieving more precise measurements than those devices can. In addition, thanks to our own algorithms with Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, we can identify and predict behaviors in people who are inside the shopping surface.

The GoliTrack platform synchronises and integrates all of the devices that we use in our neuromarketing studies – those which we manufacture ourselves as well as those manufactured by third parties – thus facilitating data collection and the automatic calibration of delays and enabling our teams to analyse these afterwards.

Our dual vocation – technological and neuroscientific – means that we are constantly developing new tools which enable us to easily and automatically carry out studies of consumer behaviour which up until recently had been very complex, or almost impossible.