The stand that comes to life at FITUR

The stand that comes to life at FITUR thanks to the factory of emotions

What did we do?

Our Golineuro AI platform turned the Andalusia pavilion at FITUR into a living stand that reacted to the emotions expressed by visitors.

How did we do it?

Through our cameras that transform images into real time data, we detected and analysed the visitor ́s emotions at the Andalusia stand at FITUR, turning the place into an intelligent, living space that reacted to these emotions.

What did we achieve?

  • – Turn the Andalusia Pavilion into an intelligent space adapted to visitor ́s emotions.
  • – Obtain data about visitors to the stand.
  • – To know what their real interests are.
  • – To measure the traceability of visitors.  
  • – To show, in real time, data to visitors in the pavilion itself.

What did we measure?

  • – Through the Golineuro Cam and the artificial intelligence engine/motor, the emotions of the visitors were detected and analysed.
  • – Demographic data (gender, nationality, count, age).
  • – Behavioural data (whether they come alone, in pairs or in groups).
  • – Precise eye-tracking to determinate where they looked.
  • – Movement flow: where they come from, where they go, what they visit and where they stop.
  • – Number of relationships established.
  • – Interest of visitors in what they are seeing or being shown.

Work progress

  • – Several Golineuro Cam installation.
  • – Use of the artificial intelligence platform Golineuro IA. 
  • – Data analysis. 

You can know more about this project in this video: