The journey to know ourselves

A unique study linking neuroscience and tourism

What did we do?

We carried out an activation campaign to attract national tourism for the Junta de Castilla y Leon.

How did we do it?

Our Golineuro Caps became the protagonists of this branded content. Three influencers from different fields- Fabián León (chef), Sara Caballero (traveller) and David Castelló (adventurer) – travelled for four days through nine provinces of Castilla y León wearing very special caps, becoming a unique study that linked neuroscience and tourism.

What did we achieve?

  • – To analyse the emotional impact of people getting to know and being in contact with the tourist attraction of Castilla and León
  • – To find out really catches the attention of visitors.
  • – To highlight the value of the destination’s tourist resources.
  • – To publicise the destination in an innovative and eye-catching way. 

What did we measure?

  • – Thanks to NIRS microsensors, the brain activity of the three influencers who participated was measured in real time.
  • – Emotions of each experience, knowing what caught their attention.
  • – The movement and vision flow.  
  • – Data was collected for each type of traveller and for each experience.

Work process

  • – During the entire experience, the three participants wore the Golineuro Caps at all times.
  • – Real-time brain activity data was collected, thanks to the artificial intelligence engine.
  • – The caps incorporated a subjective camera so that they always knew where they were looking at.

This Project was carried out together with VCCP Madrid and Bakery Group. You can watch the result of the project here: