Málaga SmartCity

How we made Malaga a leader among European capitals in tourism.

What did we do?

We measured the traceability and behavior of tourists in the city.

How did we do it?

We used Golineuro IA, an artificial intelligence platform, which without recording images and respecting anonymity and privacy, is capable of turning what happens on a surface monitored by cameras in real-time into data.

What did we achieve?

  • – Obtained information on tourist traceability.
  • – Optimized resources.
  • – Efficient promotion campaigns.
  • – Achieved sustainable development goals.

What did we measure?

  • – Demographic data (Gender, Nationality, Age Count)
  • – Behavioral data (Whether they come alone, as a couple, or in a group)
  • – Precise gaze tracking using Eye-Tracking technology
  • – Flow of movement: Where they come from, where they are going, what they visit, and where they stop.
  • – Measurement of emotions by detecting non-verbal language.

Workflow process

  • – Installation of permanent cameras, use of wireless cameras, and a network of cameras throughout the city.
  • – Using an AI platform that respects anonymity and privacy without recording images.
  • – Converting what happens on a surface monitored by cameras into real-time data.