Measuring the World

Golineuro AI is the first platform to obtain indicators from the physical world just as they are obtained in the online world.

Golineuro AI is a self-developed Artificial Intelligence engine that, as it does not save images or identify people, respects privacy and anonymity, as well as being capable of converting reality into data through its algorithms. Golineuro AI converts the images captured by cameras connected to the platform into data and in real time.

What data does it collect


Our platform classifies people passing through its coverage area by gender and age, as well as the number of people with a margin of error of less than 2%, even in crowded environments.


Golineuro AI's algorithms detect emotions expressed through non-verbal language, making it the most accurate emotion detection platform as it monitors more than ten thousand points.

Fraud investigation

Golineuro AI measures how people move in the coverage area, what they do and how they interact with other people and with any physical elements.


Even if the cameras are installed several metres high, it is able to measure visual attention with a margin of error of less than 2 millimetres.


The behavioural algorithms make Golineuro AI the most accurate human behaviour analysing platform, capable of identifying any type of behaviour or action, even if it was not previously defined in the repertoire.

hearting the brain


01. Cameras

Golineuro AI can work with virtually any camera installation. For places where there are none or none are sought to be used with the platform, we install completely self-contained, wireless, high capacity battery-powered cameras that are discreet and are

02. Data collection

Once configured, Golineuro AI starts collecting data with its algorithms and can show some of them in real time.

03. Report

Our team analyses the data obtained and submits a bespoke report in an understandable language with the data and recommendations, as well as tables of the data displayed in real time. Golineuro AI can be installed on an ad-hoc basis for a specific job or indefinitely for a continuous obtaining of information.



Analysis of real in-store consumer behaviour, which provides the shop and the brands it sells with information that gives it a clear competitive advantage by ascertaining what customers do, how they behave and what emotions they express in-store.


For the first time, it is possible to measure the real performance of a trade fair stand, measuring not just the number of people who pass by the stand, but what it is about the stand that interests them, the brand impact. We provide objective data in an environment that until the arrival of Golineuro AI was qualitative


We measure the emotions of the attendees, their attention levels, the performance of the different parts of the event and the impact of the sponsors' brand on the attendees.

Hotels and restaurants

Golineuro AI can measure the emotions expressed by diners when eating the dishes served in restaurants or in any communal area of a hotel, providing real indicators of guest satisfaction.


We take our platform out onto the street, allowing all our algorithms to be combined with traffic or energy monitoring algorithms, creating dashboards so that information to be viewed and consulted. For the first time, real citizen satisfaction can be measured thanks to Golineuro AI's emotional algorithms.