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We can apply or adapt our tools, or even design new ones, to help you carry out projects in which applying technology and neuroscience offer unique and differential value.

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The journey to get to know us

Our Golineuro Caps became the stars of this branded content that was part of the activation campaign to attract national tourism by the Regional Government of Castilla y León.

#Turdestino ideal

We designed this concept for the Turespaña stand at Fitur where we measured the participant’s brain activity while they looked at images, thereby gaining an insight into the type of traveller they are and subsequently recommended them destinations in Spain

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The Factory of emotions

Our Golineuro AI platform turned the Andalusia pavilion at Fitur into a living stand that reacted to the emotions expressed by visitors.

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The job of your dreams

We developed this Softskills test using electroencephalography for university students who called by the Adecco stands set up in different faculties of eight universities, resulting in an e-mail being sent with their skills and and individual recommendations written by our artificial intelligence platform.

A building whose facade reacts to the emotions of passers-by, a travelling exhibition that changes according to the type of people who visit it, a living museum that interacts with visitors...

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