Mena’s move

The Artificial Intelligence and Holy Week. The emotions that the Christ of Mena awakens

What did we do?

We measured the emotions of the attendees at the transfer of the Holy Christ of the Good Death – Christ of Mena – by the Legion on the morning of Holy Thursday.

How did we do it?

We installed several Golineuro Cam devices in Fray Alonso de Santo Tomás square connected to the Golineuro IA artificial intelligence platform. In this way, without recording images and respecting anonymity and privacy, we were able to detect the emotions expressed by the thousands of attendees.

What did we achieve?

  • – Information about the traceability of the attendee.
  • – Detect the most emotional moments of the event.
  • – Obtain objective data on what the attendees feel.

What did we measure?

  • – Demographic data (gender, nationality, headcount, age)
  • – Behavioral data (whether they come alone, in a couple, or in a group).
  • – Measurement of emotions by detecting non-verbal language.
  • – Precise eye-tracking to see where they are looking.
  • – Detection of the most attractive moments.

Workflow process

  • – Installation of wireless cameras and use of pre-installed cameras, without recording images and respecting privacy and anonymity.
  • – Use of artificial intelligence platform for data collection and analysis. 
  • – Real-time data collection.
  • – Analysis of data.