We want to learn more about human behaviour and leave behind this knowledge as a legacy.

Therefore, we are developing projects together with other organisations, institutions, Universities and research groups to apply all our tools and methodologies to learn more about ourselves.

It is our grain of sand in the long journey to understand human existence, especially in an essential behaviour in the developed world which we have named shopping.



Currently we have in place the following lines of investigation:

  • Identify and measure main emotional triggers in impulse buying
  • Decision making process and main emotions in online shopping
  • Decision making in experienciable environments
  • Decision making process in shopping using electronic devices

Parallel to this, we know that all our developments despite having been designed for neuro-marketing can help in other fields, especially in health. Therefore our lines of investigation in this respect and are currently:

  • Analysis of gamblers in real environments and improvements through cognitive behavioural therapies for treatment.
  • Stimulation and interaction with children with autism spectrum disorder.