We design tests to measure consumer behavior in a representative sample of real and/or potential customers.

We use NIRS helmets, eye-tracking, pulsometers and galvanometers as our main study tools, as well as facial emotion recognition software, electrogastrography, measurement of pupil dilation and GPS.

Our own designs of tools that are 100 percent wireless, discrete and minimally invasive allow us to work both in laboratory environments as well as real environments with a high ecological validity.


Our methodology is applicable to any product or consumer profile, where it is possible to study anything from customer behavior in any area of purchase, to that of an online consumer, with the latter case measuring emotional activation on social networks or in environments with digital interaction.

We can build shopping experiences by measuring the emotions evoked in the customer at any time during the experience or by applying our studies to creative campaign processes, packaging design or product testing.

Our goal is to design a test to measure what your customer feels when interacting with any element of your company, whether it be the product or service you sell, your website, image or any other component. We measure, analyze and propose solutions for improvement based on the results of our neuromarketing studies.