Artificial Intelligence to Measure Attendees’ Emotions at FITUR 2024

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Goli Neuromarketing will monitor 67 exhibitors and pavilions at the fair, providing real and objective data that contributes to optimizing the resources that institutions and companies invest in events of this kind

January 19, 2024

Goli Neuromarketing will monitor and analyze the data from a total of 67 exhibitors and pavilions during the International Tourism Fair FITUR 2024, taking place from January 24 to 28 in Madrid. The collected data includes the number of people passing through the monitored area (count, age, and gender); behavior and mobility data in the area; measurement of emotions using non-verbal language; and precise measurement of interest and gaze direction through eye-tracking. The goal is to measure the attendee’s behavior during the event.

This provides insights into the real impact of the exhibitor’s presence at FITUR, allowing optimization of the chosen campaign for the event and maximizing the resources invested, while also obtaining valuable information for the development of destination tourism plans.

This is particularly crucial for public institutions aiming to ensure the effective use of budgets, supported in this case by entirely objective data: they genuinely understand what occurred during their presence at the fair, what was well-received, and what captured attention. This information enables them to enhance future strategies and adjust tourism plans based on visitor interests.

The number of stands or pavilions analyzed in this edition represents a continuous growth compared to previous years, increasing from 52 in 2022 to 64 in 2023 and reaching 67 in 2024. This expansion signifies that Goli Neuromarketing will undertake projects in almost all odd-numbered pavilions at IFEMA.

Spaces to be analyzed include the Andalusia Pavilion, one of the most significant at the international fair, showcasing a groundbreaking design this year compared to previous editions, incorporating improvements identified through Goli Neuromarketing’s monitoring data. Additionally, areas where Málaga is prominently featured will be thoroughly examined.

Artificial Intelligence and Data

This analysis is made possible by Goli Neuromarketing’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine, Golineuro AI, which converts real-time data from monitored areas into actionable insights. Wireless sensors collect information – data, never images – respecting privacy and anonymity at all times, and transmit it to the platform for analysis.

In this edition, the Purple Data platform will debut, offering a data visualization tool where each company or institution owning the analyzed area can access real-time data, such as visitor counts, and more. Users can access the full report when the analysis is completed, providing real and objective information about their stand’s activity and receiving recommendations for improvements based on the analyzed data.

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