We translate the emotions into data, and we turn them into sales

Through applied neuroscience we help you understand what your clients buy from you, and how to improve your products, services and shopping experience.

We create a better world through innovation and technology

We work to improve people’s lives. For more than a decade we have been investing in neuroscientific technology to obtain data that will allow us to progress in the research of a better social well-being.

We use scientific methodology to develop unique and avant-garde tools to connect our clients with their ones, transforming emotions into data and data into business.

Our clients believe in innovation and technology as a driver of change and progress.

José Ruiz, CEO of Goli Neuromarketing, implementing Artificial Intelligence tools.
Video fragment of the Castilla la Mancha project with Goli Neuromarketing.
Analyzed Behaviors
Emotions detected and differentiated by Goli AI
Projects carried out

Some of our clients



We measure human behavior through self-design AI tools. We quantify emotions, behaviors and human reactions to help him make a proper deal.

Through applied neuroscience we help you understand what your clients buy you, and how to improve your products, services and shopping experience.

Trade fairs and events

We help companies attending fairs and events as well as organizers to measure the return on their investment. We obtain real data on how many people visit the stand, how they behave, what interests them the most, or the number of relationships established.

We can help you to:

  • Make your investment in the stand profitable
  • Optimize your space
  • Analyze the flow of circulation
  • Measure and analyze the emotions that people feel towards your products and stand

Our Clients are brands and shops that aspire to transform their business through a successful strategy based on real and measurable data from user’s behavior.

We can help you to:

  • Analyse the client’s behavior within the shop, detect their emotions and analyse where their gaze is focused on
  • Measure the real and potential memorability of products and brands
  • Analyse the client’s behaviour  towards packaging vs. the competence
  • Make a comparative analysis of your product towards the competence one
  • Make an emotional analysis of the emotions to optimize it
Creativity and communication agencies

We collaborate/work with communication agencies to create innovative projects through AI and neuroscience. We offer them our accurate analysis and research to achieve the best marketing campaign for their clients. 

We can help you to:

  • Create innovative marketing campaigns through IA tools
  • Use technology and data to increase relevance and brand awareness
  • Connect brand experience with the world´s real behaviour
  • Make decisions based on data and evidence

Our clients are public administrations who are ambitiously looking to the future to transform their cities into smart spaces.We work for the people who live there, we transform their cities into avant-garde places.

We can help you to:

  • Get information about the tourist traceability
  • Optimise the city’s resources
  • Implement efficient promotional campaigns
  • Make a more sustainable city through information and data’s management
  • Develop markets and local shops
I + D + i

We never stop with the research and creation of the most innovative tools.We put them at the service of society and of all the companies and institutions who look to develop technology projects or IA and neuroscience researches.

We can help you to:

  • Design research projects
  • We carry out turnkey research projects
  • Integration in innovative committees for I + D + i projects
  • We can carry out research projects for publication in papers and scientific journals
Human Resources

We collaborate with companies and organizations who want to transform their employer branding´s strategy through actions based on the data obtained by the behavioural analysis and the real emotional map of their employees.

We can help you to:

  • Measure the work climate
  • Optimise the work space
  • Increase the job satisfaction



We design customized studies from the scientific method

We use scientific methodology that allows us to measure different variables with validity, precision and objectivity, in order to obtain conclusions and make  a working roadmap proposal.

Step 1


  1. The challenge
  2. The hypothesis
  3. The study goals

You set out the hypothesis and the study goals

Step 2


  1. User
  2. Competitors study
  3. The context

Control of strange variables

Step 3


  1. Tools and applied technology
  2. Data analysis

Execute the research design

Step 4


  1. Report
  2. Conclusion
  3. Proposal

Preparation of a detailed study report and presentation of results


We transform the world into data

Golineuro IA is an artificial intelligence engine capable of turning the world into anonymous data.

It connects to cameras and automatically, in real-time and without storing images, its algorithms transform the images into alphanumeric data, with no possibility of identifying individuals. It counts and classifies people by gender and age, measures where they look (eye-tracking), recognizes emotions through nonverbal language, identifies the language they speak, recognizes behaviors, measures changes in body temperature, and measures environmental and quality parameters of the surroundings.


We measure human behavior

Our double technology and neuroscientific vocation inspire us to continuously develop new IA tools that allow us to make behaviourals and emotional studies in a simple and non-invasive way



We measure  stomach movements in gastronomic studies thanks to this fabric band on the belly over the clothes and register the gastric motility.

See device



A disposable, slim and completely wireless patch that measures muscle tension. Is the first high precision wireless electromyography.

See device



It is apparently a needle or digital watch used to monitor heart rate (BVP) and the galvanic skin  resistance (GSR).

See device



A flexible, wireless and rubber bracelet/wristlet that measures the galvanic skin resistance (GSR). This measurement is related to emotional activation.

See device



2048 NIRS sensors of our own design turn a cap into a high-resolution, completely wireless brain activity measurement device.We have developed the smallest NIRS sensors on the market.

See device



Two rubber rings without any type of cable form the first haptograph on the market. This small and comfortable device is used to measure the consumer’s reaction to the textures they touch.

See device



Our cameras don’t record or store images but connect with our IA motor to transform them into real time data. They are small and completely wireless and autonomous devices.

See device



Revolutionary Companies

Companies and persons who work brilliantly in the present looking to the future with courage.

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