We measure human behaviour in real environments

We quantify human emotions, behaviours, and reactions with non-invasive technological tools that we have designed ourselves.

Real Environments

We conduct field studies, in-store and in spaces where the products are sold, not in laboratories or through simulators.

Proprietary technology

We have a unique and innovative technology, developed by our team.

Online and Offline Measurements

Real world KPIs just like in the digital world.

Unique Experiences

We apply our tools to your event or action to create innovative and unique marketing and communication experiences.

Neuromarketing studies applied to consumer behaviour

We analyse, evaluate and predict consumer behaviour through applied neuroscience studies, helping companies to understand why their customers buy from them and to improve their products, services

Have placed their trust in us

Some of our most representative clients in different sectors across the world

Research, Development and innovation

We are part of the scientific community and collaborate with other entities, institutions and research groups to advance the knowledge of human behaviour and apply our tools to other fields besides neuromarketing.

Technological Development

We are a technology and neuroscience-based company, which means we can develop specialised neuromarketing tools that we subsequently use in our studies. As a result, we are more accurate and trailblazers when it comes to analysing specific consumer behave.

From Malaga, for the entire world

Our head office is in Malaga, Europe’s new technology capital. Our scope of action is the world. We operate directly or through our distributors and delegations..