The Mobile World Congress and the ITB Berlin

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The Mobile World Congress and the ITB Berlin, upcoming events where Goli Neuromarketing technology will be at.

Thanks to the use of AI, it will analyse several of the stands at two of the most important international trade fairs.

Malaga, 24 February 2023

Goli Neuromarketing will be at the Mobile World Congress and the ITB Berlin, two of the most important international events at exhibition level taking place in the coming weeks. It will do so by monitoring and analysing several of the stands or exhibitors in which data will be obtain in real time on how many people visit this spaces, how they behave in them, where they go and how they move, or what they look at, as well as the emotion they express during their visit to the stand. In conclusion, it is about measuring the visitor´s traceability in the exhibitor. 

This type of analysis provides fundamental information about the real impact of the presence of the stand at the trade fair or event, which allows us to know if the strategy designed for the event is correct or if changes should be made to improve it and optimise the resources allocated for companies or organizations to these events. In addition, by offering real time data strategic decisions can be made during the course of the trade fair itself, enabling exhibitors’ company or administration to improve this data, and, therefore, the effectiveness of the campaign.

Specifically, Goli Neuromarketing will analyse two stands during the Mobile World Congress 2023, which will take place in Barcelona between 27 February and 2 March. This is the fourth edition in which the company from Malaga will be present developing these analyses in some stands or spaces. 

ITB Berlín, which takes place from 7 to 9 March, is the largest tourism event in the world and returns in 2023 to be held in person after having been held virtually in recent years due to COVID19. Goli Neuromarketing will be analysing three stands during this very important event for the tourism sector, being the second time it attends.

At Goli Neuromarketing we use innovative and unique technology, developed by our team, which through our own AI tools allow us to know aspects such as where the eye’s movement is directed, the detection of emotions through non-verbal language and the detection of behaviours. The aim is to analyse, evaluate and predict the consumer ‘s behaviour, in this case of the visitor´s, with applied neuroscience studies.

We use our AI motor, Golineuro AI, an AI platform that without recording images and respecting the anonymity and privacy, is able to transform what happens on a camera monitored surface into real time data.

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