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El Viso will be the setting for a pioneering project that marks the starting point of the municipality’s tourism innovation lab

Malaga, June 21, 2024

The Andalusian Beach Soccer Cup, which will be held at La Colada Field in El Viso this coming weekend, will offer a unique and pioneering experience: for the first time, the emotions of attendees at a soccer championship will be measured.

On Saturday, June 22, during several matches of this competition, data will be collected on the number of attendees (count, age, and gender), whether they attend alone or in groups, emotions expressed through non-verbal language and the intensity of these emotions, as well as interest and gaze direction (eye-tracking) and behavior. This will provide insight into the behavior of attendees during the sports event and, most importantly, the emotions they express.

El Viso’s mayor, Juan Díaz, is pleased to “host such an interesting project in our town and apply it to an activity as important to us as beach soccer.” Díaz explains that “after the event, the collected data will be analyzed to produce a study of the spectators’ emotions during the matches, categorized by gender and age groups; their behavior, and whether they attended alone or in groups.”

To achieve this, artificial intelligence will be utilized, specifically Golineuro AI. This AI platform converts real-time events into data within a monitored area. This monitoring will be achieved by installing a series of wireless sensors at various points in La Colada, which will collect the information and transmit it to the AI platform for analysis

José Ruiz, CEO of Goli Neuromarketing, emphasizes that this technology fully respects individual privacy and anonymity since no images are recorded or stored at any time, only data, and no individuals are recognized.

This is the first project to be carried out within the development of the municipality of El Viso de los Pedroches (Córdoba) as a tourism innovation lab. This project, developed in collaboration with SmartCity Cluster, was launched last February, and several companies have already shown interest in testing their new projects and services. In fact, this lab is conceived as an ever-evolving project and remains open to all companies wishing to implement their innovative solutions in a real ecosystem.

Goli Neuromarketing will be responsible for measuring emotions. This company specializes in studying human behavior through neuroscientific technology. It is a Málaga-based company with a scientific and technological foundation, boasting over 12 years of experience in emotion analysis. They have developed their own AI tool, Golineuro AI, which transforms emotions into data while fully respecting privacy, anonymity, and personal data.

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