AI will allow us to know what those attending the transfer of the Christ of Mena are feeling

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Goli Neuromarketing will carry out an innovative analysis of the emotions experienced during one of the special moments of Holy Week in Málaga

Malaga, 4 April 2023

Few moments arise from more shared emotions by a large number of people as Holy Week does. And these emotions become more intense at specific moments such as the transfer of the “Santísimo Cristo de la Buena Muerte¨by the Spanish Legion on the morning of Holy Thursday in Malaga.

In order to obtain and analyse objectives data on the feelings of those attending this moment that arouses so many emotions, Goli Neuromarketing will carry out an innovative and unique project of monitoring and analysis of the emotions during the act, with the collaboration of the Malaga City Council, The Malaga Holy Week BrotherHood Agrupation Association and The Congregation of Mena. This pilot project is intended to be a precursor.

To develop it, the interior of Fray Alonso de Santo Tomás square will be monitored as well as various points along the itinerary that the Christ of Mena carried by the Legion during the transfer, collecting data of what happen at these points and reaching to measure aspects that have never been measured before in moments like this: joy, sadness, fervour, enthusiasm and admiration.

It is an innovative analysis, as emotions have never been measured in a moment that arouse as many feelings as the transfer of The Christ of Mena, and with such a broad object of study as the thousands of people who crowd the square, the itinerary and its surroundings during those hours. Furthermore, it is also a challenge to Goli Neuromarketing, which will analyse emotions very different from those it normally captures in its projects at trade fairs and events, neuromarketing studies in retail or studies related to tourism or education,and in such a compact and large mass/multitude.

To carry out the studio, Goli Neuromarketing will install its real time camera collecting data at some points of the square, which will be added to those collected by other devices located at some points along the itinerary. To obtain the data, the artificial intelligent (AI) engine/motor Golineuro AI and a serie of own algorithm which recognise will be use to recognise where all subjects are looking (eye-tracking), detect of emotion through the non-verbal language, detect behaviours, and classify attendees by gender and age.

It should be remembered that Goli Neuromarketing technology does not work, record or store images, but rather the algorithms transform the images that are processed in real time data into data, so that only anonymous alphanumeric data is stored and never images, neither is it possible associate the data with individuals given that it is not possible to access the data processing in real time, but rather data has to be downloaded for its following analysis. Therefore, the right to privacy and personal data protection is fully respected.

Study of the economic impact of Holy Week in Malaga

This will not be the only project in which Goli Neuromarketing will be working on during Holy Week in Malaga, as it was announced on Monday by the Chair of Brotherhood Studies at the University of Malaga, during these days a new research is being carry out on the economic impact of Holy Week where Malaga company also participates. The aim is to establish a profile of the visitors (residents,travellers and tourist), as well as their consumption habits, and demand and *supply behaviours.

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