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Neuroscientific technology and artificial intelligence used to measure, for the first time, the emotions of the audience at a theater festival

Olmedo, July 21, 2023

The Olmedo Clásico Festival is one of the most important events for classical theater in our country. This year, a pioneering project developed by Goli Neuromarketing will take place there, aiming to measure and analyze the emotions of the spectators.

Specifically, the emotions of the attendees at the different theatrical performances held in the Palacio del Caballero de Olmedo courtyard will be measured. This will provide insights into how they feel during the play, their reactions to the scenography, lighting, or costumes used by the theater companies, as well as their attention to the stage movement. Consequently, the project will also reveal the anticipation, attention, and interest shown during each of the represented works.

This initiative marks the first time sucha a project has bee carried out at a theater festival

This initiative marks the first time such a project has been carried out at a theater festival, providing real and objective data regarding the emotions evoked by the performances. Advanced neuroscientific technology will be employed to collect data using wireless devices that capture images and immediately convert them into data transmitted in real-time to Golineuro AI, the company’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform where analysis takes place. No images are recorded or stored during the process.

The data collection process will reveal aspects such as where the spectators direct their gaze, their emotions through non-verbal cues, as well as their behavior and level of attention.

About Goli Neuromarketing:

Goli Neuromarketing is a Malaga-based company with over twelve years of experience that harnesses neuroscientific technology to gather data aimed at advancing the pursuit of greater social well-being. They use scientific methodologies to develop their own unique and cutting-edge tools, converting emotions into data. Their clients are companies and organizations that share their belief in innovation and technology as drivers of change and progress.

About the Festival:

The seventeenth edition of the Olmedo Clásico Festival will take place between July 21 and 30, with its main performance venues being the Corrala del Palacio del Caballero and the Centro de Artes Escénicas San Pedro, featuring a total of fourteen shows. The selection process has considered not only the quality of the performances but also the diversity of authors, genres, theater companies, and aesthetics.

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