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Organizing events such as forums or congresses is a challenging task that generally requires a lot of time. To do so, a team of people is needed who are committed to ensuring that everything goes smoothly and the mobilization of resources. However, during or after the event, do we know how the attendees have received it?

Obtaining this data and understanding the true return on the event is possible through its monitoring and the measurement of emotions.

How is it possible? Through the artificial intelligence platform, Golineuro AI, it is possible to know the emotions that the attendees are experiencing, the most attractive presentations or moments, what draws more or less attention, the level of attendance at each presentation, etc.

To achieve this, a series of sensors are installed in the auditorium or space where the event will take place, transmitting real-time data to the artificial intelligence platform, providing completely objective information.

This is what we have recently done at the CEO Congress held in Murcia (November 2023) and the ForHum that took place in Malaga (October 2023). In both events, the proceedings in the auditoriums where the conferences were held were monitored to obtain a real analysis of the attendees’ response to the program offered. Additionally, this data was shared with the attendees before the events concluded.

This information is crucial not only to understand what happened at the event but also for the organization of future ones, contributing to the optimization of the resources dedicated to it.

What kind of leader are you?

Understanding better the profile of the business leaders attending the forum and their qualities to lead the social, cultural, and labor change required by the 21st-century company. That was the objective with which, within the framework of the CEO Congress held in Murcia on November 15, 2023, a field study on leadership was conducted by the Chair of Businesswoman and Director of the University of Murcia (UMU).

To carry it out, a space was set up near the main hall of the auditorium for the collection of information from attendees, where their leadership capacity and style were voluntarily measured. This was possible thanks to the unique technology of Goli Neuromarketing and the application of neuroscience. To do this, participants were offered the Golineuro Caps, unique caps with a patented system that includes 2,048 NIRS sensors, measuring brain activity during the viewing of a series of images. The Chair of Businesswoman and Director, in collaboration with CROEM and CEO CONGRESS, is responsible for publishing the results of the final report.

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