Purity of emotion. Transfer of the Christ of Mena

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Anticipation upon arrival, jubilation at its departure, delight in its entrance. These are the predominant emotions in some of the moments experienced during the transfer of the Holy Christ of Good Death (Christ of Mena) by the Legion, which takes place on the morning of Maundy Thursday in Malaga.

We can state this objectively since during the Holy Week of 2023, we had the opportunity to measure and analyze the emotions – more than 15 million emotions analyzed – displayed during this event, which gathered more than 11,000 people, the majority being women.

More than 15 million emotions expressed by the over 11,000 people who witnessed the event were analyzed.

Thus, we could confirm that the moment generating the most intense emotions is the departure of the Christ of Mena. Additionally, we found that while the emotion felt with the greatest intensity among people aged 41 to 60 was joy, among those over 60, it was adoration.

This project was embraced with special affection by Goli Neuromarketing, as it allowed us to analyze an event where emotion is one of the main protagonists, verifying the evolution of these emotions throughout the entire ceremony, as well as the differentiation among the various age groups analyzed.

How did we do it?

We installed various sensors in Fray Alonso de Santo Tomás Square that connected to the Golineuro AI artificial intelligence platform. Thanks to this, we obtained demographic data from attendees, behavior data, detection of the most captivating moments, and measurement of emotions through non-verbal language. All of this was done without recording images and respecting anonymity and privacy.

This pioneering project was made possible through the collaboration of the Brotherhood of Mena, the City Council of Malaga, and the Association of Brotherhoods of Holy Week in Malaga.

(Photo: Congregación de Mena)

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