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Society is advancing at a rapid pace, and advertising is keeping up. Agencies seek to create the best campaigns for their clients, and in this endeavor, they can find great allies in neuroscience and technology.

It’s about incorporating cutting-edge technological tools into the creative process to achieve different and original campaigns.

This way, advertising becomes fully adapted to the profile of the target audience, optimizing campaigns and allowing innovation in forms.

This integration in the process can be used both before the campaign itself, conducting analyses and studies that provide data based on scientific evidence that can be used for campaign development; and as part of the creativity or image itself, being part of the advertising product that will reach the client.

The thrill of arrival

We are emotional beings, so campaigns seek to appeal to the emotions of the public. What if we could adapt advertising to what the person watching it really feels? Static advertising, for example, will never be the same as it has been until now.

Real-time advertising is here to stay, and in the future, we will find advertising that adjusts its content in real-time to the profile of the people viewing it, or even better, to their emotions.

The use of artificial intelligence

Much is being said about the use of generative artificial intelligence in the creative field, but we are not referring to this.

We mean emotional artificial intelligence or affective computing, a branch of AI that recognizes non-verbal signs of people and their emotions, and when combined with neuroscience and psychology, provides objective data on what the audience really feels, likes, or dislikes. That’s why more and more agencies are turning to these types of technological tools or services, such as those offered by Goli Neuromarketing, when creating and developing their creative campaigns.

In short, it’s a way for the brand to make an impression on the consumer.

Ir a Blog
Ir a Neuromarketing and more