We are measuring the world, here you can see the data: Purple Data

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At this moment, we are measuring the world. It doesn’t matter when you read this.

And all those data, collected and analyzed based on the predefined indicators in each specific project, where can clients see them? Well, they “live” in a specific platform, our Purple Data.

Purple Data is a data visualization platform that clients can access to review their projects. They have a unique key through which they can access a private area to exclusively view data related to their project or projects.

Purple Data is a data visualization platform where clients can find everything from the figures collected at each data cutoff to the final reports.

Once inside, they find two possibilities: data visualization dashboards and reports. Within Dashboards they can access data periodically (according to the frequency of data cutoffs established: at certain times, daily, weekly, etc.) without having to wait for the report to be ready. Among other things, here they can find data on the conversion funnel, predominant emotion, flows, average age, etc.

On the other hand, in the Reports section, they can find the project report from the preparation stage until it is fully completed, being able to download the data throughout the process. Once finalized, the report will also be available in PDF format for download.

Furthermore, to keep the client informed at all times about the status of their report, they receive notifications about updates to it.

Evidence and Recommendations

One of the common doubts clients have is the difference between the data visualization dashboards and what they can find in the reports. Well, let’s clarify that for you. In the dashboards, they can find data, as mentioned earlier, by cutoffs. The frequency of these cutoffs is established in advance. For example, for an event or fair, daily cutoffs are usually established. This way, at the end of the day, they can see data on attendance, the conversion funnel, average time at the booth, or predominant emotion, for example. This data is entirely objective, meaning it comes directly from our artificial intelligence platform, Golineuro AI.

The report, which is prepared once all the project data collection is completed, includes data on all predefined parameters for study, analyzed by our data analysts. That is, for each parameter, they can find “Evidence,” objective data; “Conclusions,” data analyzed considering other parameters with which they are compared, and “Recommendations,” suggestions for improvement or maintaining objectives.

Additionally, Purple Data can be accessed from any device, computer, tablet, or smartphone. In short, all the data you are interested in at your fingertips.

Ir a Blog
Ir a Neuromarketing and more